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About Toth Industries

Toth Industries was founded in 1955 on the principle to do whatever it takes to provide our customers with quality precision machined parts. This dedication to customer service is still the cornerstone of our operation. It is one of the reasons we have received numerous awards and recognition from our customers and why we remain a valued parts supplier to major companies in the United states and throughout the world.

At Toth Industries we not only machine parts, we machine solutions. Our engineering department uses state of the art CAD/CAM and computer programming to take your product from blueprint to final production faster. Our skilled operators together with production capabilities in high speed lathes and multi-axis machining centers allow us to get the job done quickly with a high degree of quality. We work with customers and foundries to maximize effectiveness and economics. We can also deal directly with our suppliers to schedule castings for just in time delivery. Our schedule is your schedule. We adapt our production to your expected needs, so we can deliver parts anywhere in the world.

Whether you need 5 parts or 5000, with Toth Industries you can be assured of quality parts that will be there when you need them.

5102 Enterprise Boulevard
Toledo, Ohio 43612
Phone: 419-729-4669
Fax: 419-729-3760
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