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Bridging the Gap Between Foundries and Precision Machining

Machined castings give you nearly unlimited design freedoms. However, there are over a dozen commercial casting processes, and each casting process has its own advantages. Similarly, there are many foundries to choose from, each offering THEIR own advantages. Volume can significantly affect the proper foundry selection. How do you choose the right one? Navigating these waters can make or break your project. This is where we come in.

When you work with Toth Industries, you have production versatility not found at other shops. Our relationships with 20+ foundries allows us to set your project up for success. Based on your specific objectives and requirements, we’ll pair your project with the foundry that is best suited for your needs. We speak their language, and by putting our knowledge to work for you, you’ll be set up for success, rather than a roll of the dice.

Our casting sourcing expertise includes finding cost competitive foundries that provide the right quality, the correct volume capacity and the most efficient lot size for quick delivery.

This is our Foundry Sourcing Service, and companies we work with appreciate not having to navigate these waters alone. We don’t work for, or have a commitment to any one foundry. We work for you. This means your specific needs and objectives dictate which foundry we work with.

Need just in time delivery? Not a problem. We work directly with our suppliers to schedule your castings for just in time delivery.
From design through final production, the team at Toth has your back.

Our goal, backed by our history of working with many foundries is to reduce foundry scrap percentages to less than .50%.

Industries Served

☑ Power Transmission
☑ Heavy Truck Components
☑ Hydraulic Valves, Motors and Components
☑ Water Distribution Components
☑ Engine Components
☑ Agricultural & Construction Equipment


☑ Precision Machining Utilizing Flexible CNC Machining
☑ Centers and Lathes
☑ Kanban Replenishment
☑ Foundry Sourcing
☑ Painting, Plating and Finishing Services
☑ Engineering & Tooling Design