Your One Stop Machine Shop

Quality Machined Castings. On Time. On Budget.

Our expertise is building cost competitive solutions for machining families of parts. This includes casting sourcing, designing robust processes and designing a suitable delivery plan to your your just-in-time requirements. From design through final production, the team at Toth has experience at every step of the parts production process.

Our internal machining capabilities along with our history of CNC expertise allow us to configure the proper equipment into a cost efficient cell. This reduces setup costs, assures quick delivery and flexibility to changes in demand or product design.

Toth Industries, Inc. can provide a total sourced finished part with just one order. We can assume responsibility from your current foundry source or assist you in finding the proper foundry source.

We also recognize that despite careful planning, emergencies will happen. Our flexible tooling and computerized equipment allows us to meet nearly any unexpected demand.

Our founder Bernard Toth’s philosophy about delivering not only quality products, but also quality service lives on with us today. Ours is a no-compromise approach to doing whatever it takes to provide quality, precision machined parts, while also providing the best customer experience in our industry. This approach is strongly reflected in our many partnerships and working relationships with our customers.

Industries Served

☑ Power Transmission
☑ Heavy Truck Components
☑ Hydraulic Valves, Motors and Components
☑ Water Distribution Components
☑ Engine Components
☑ Agricultural & Construction Equipment


☑ Precision Machining Utilizing Flexible CNC Machining
☑ Centers and Lathes
☑ Kanban Replenishment
☑ Foundry Sourcing
☑ Painting, Plating and Finishing Services
☑ Engineering & Tooling Design