Precision Machining Services

We Machine Complex Parts

Founder Bernard Toth’s original philosophy – do whatever it takes to provide customers quality, precision-machined parts – is most strongly reflected in our working relationship with our customers.

We not only machine products, but we also machine solutions. We work with customers and foundries to maximize new part effectiveness and economies, from design through final production. On behalf of our customers, we also deal directly with our suppliers to schedule castings for just-in-time delivery.

At Toth Industries, our schedule is your schedule. We adapt our precision machining production services to your expected needs so we can deliver your parts anywhere in the country when – and only when – you need them. Whether you need five parts a month or 1,000, you can be assured they will be there.

We also recognize that, despite careful planning, emergencies will happen. Our flexible tooling and computerized equipment allow us to meet nearly any unexpected demand.

CNC Machinery

Our state-of-the-art facility is teeming with industry-leading precision machining technology. With a combination of our CNC machinery and experience, we’re able to create the parts or components you need from your drawings. We also utilize CAD and CAM software during the manufacturing process. Check out our complete list of machinery.

Advantages of Working with Toth:

  • Capabilities – We offer advanced technology and attention to detail. With over 65 years of machining behind us, our commitment to quality and satisfaction is stronger than ever.
  • Cost Efficiency – In addition, our internal machining capabilities, along with our history of CNC expertise, allows us to configure the proper equipment into a cost-efficient cell. This helps reduce setup costs, assures quick delivery, and provides flexibility to changes in demand or product design.
  • Convenience – We take your project head-on and provide you with one single source for your parts production needs. Whether your project involves working with a foundry, or any number of parts finishing requirements, the buck stops for you with Toth!

Industries Served

☑ Power Transmission
☑ Heavy Truck Components
☑ Hydraulic Valves, Motors and Components
☑ Water Distribution Components
☑ Engine Components
☑ Agricultural & Construction Equipment


☑ Precision Machining Utilizing Flexible CNC Machining
☑ Centers and Lathes
☑ Kanban Replenishment
☑ Foundry Sourcing
☑ Painting, Plating and Finishing Services
☑ Engineering & Tooling Design