Quality Control – ISO 9001 Certified

Our commitment to quality is embraced by each member of the Toth Industries team. As a result of this commitment, our organization is certified to ISO’s rigorous ISO 9001 quality standard. We have multiple checks and balances in place throughout the parts production process to ensure you receive products that are of the highest quality.

With the use of lasers, our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) allows us to efficiently gather accurate and precise measurements on complex parts. Our CMM uses the latest state of the art CAD interface PCDIMIS software. Because we have these capabilities in-house, we can save you both time and money, by not having to send parts off to a dimensional lab for measurement.

Automated quality inspection with our CMM increases cost efficiencies by providing:

► Better repeatability – We can repeat measuring tasks automatically
► Shorter measuring times
► Higher throughput
► Greater accuracy and precision

Outstanding employee commitment translates into outstanding part quality. Our skilled workforce is trained in SPC procedures, and each is in charge of quality during part processing. All parts are inspected on our coordinate measuring machine at every run. Operators also audit and document part dimensions during production runs. If there is a tooling change the parts are checked again.

What does this mean for you? When you work with Toth Industries, you have a team that has the experience, equipment and processes to ensure that your accuracy and precision needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Industries Served

☑ Power Transmission
☑ Heavy Truck Components
☑ Hydraulic Valves, Motors and Components
☑ Water Distribution Components
☑ Engine Components
☑ Agricultural & Construction Equipment


☑ Precision Machining Utilizing Flexible CNC Machining
☑ Centers and Lathes
☑ Kanban Replenishment
☑ Foundry Sourcing
☑ Painting, Plating and Finishing Services
☑ Engineering & Tooling Design

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